Milkman Lory Kohn has long been attracted to both the earthiness of idyllic dairy farms and the vastness of space. Songlab is conceived as his orbiting recording studio. From this unique vantage point, the data he collects and the observations he makes become alchemized into fully realized musical productions.

To date, 23 tunes have burst forth from the world's first celestial song incubator. The resulting collection is called, not unexpectedly, Songlab. Long-time co-conspirators and a dazzling array of special guest stars aid and abet the songsmith's essential mission, beaming impassioned performances from physical locations all over Planet Earth to a relay point in Taos, New Mexico.

Earth. Space. Milk. That's the cycle of life for the still vibrant dairymen.

The Men of Milk's completely unexpected 2017 resurrection (they'd been filed under "lost in space" since AD 2001) has culminated in a bumper crop of heretofore undiscovered gems which run the gamut from hard rock to bossa nova. These tunes have been meticulously crafted and curated for the aural gratification of old and new fans alike. 

As a music lover, you may be shocked to stumble upon more great songs on the virtually unknown Milkmen's Songlab than appear on many household name bands' greatest hits albums. 

If you're a music supervisor seeking just the right emotive content to elevate your TV show, film, or ad, one or more of Songlab's "many moos" might very well fit the bill.


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