Bovine Serenade  

by Bessie the Cow  


Bovine Serenade is Milkmen mascot Bessie the Cow's dramatic first-bovine account of the band's rise, fall, and resurrection. Here you'll find the loquacious quadruped's recollections of seminal Milkmen events like their first sold-out gig, the fateful day that Rick Parnell played the snare drum with his head, the recruitment of his flashy replacement Young Tim, and their moo-mentous move from Boulder to El Lay.

Critics have noted that Bessie's account of the Milkmen's "failure" is somehow more compelling than various superstars' accounts (or would that be various superstars' ghostwriters' accounts?) of their mega successes. Then again, ruminants don't often have Bessie's knack for milking every last drop of bathos and pathos from this stirring saga of a band trying to make its mark back in the days of heavy metal, new wave, and punk. Thrill to the agony and the ecstasy of it all!

More chapters coming soon ...

Chapter 1:  Dashing Dairymen
Chapter 2:  Rick Plays The Snare Drum With His Head
Chapter 3:  Tim Takes The Stage
Chapter 4:  Meet Mr. Watts
Chapter 5:  We Open For Missing Persons
Chapter 5:  Conquering Colorado
Chapter 7:  Rick Sees His Successor
Chapter 8:  Westward Ho!
Chapter 9:  A Cow Writer Co-Writer
Chapter 10: Welcome To LA
Chapter 11: Madame Wong's or How Quickly They Forget