The Milkmen Bio 2017

The Milkmen consist of main writer Lory Kohn, sometimes co-writer and multi-instrumentalist Steven Solomon, along with hired hand Ric Parnell—who was kicked out of The Milkmen in 1983 and into immortality as the exploding drummer in the beloved cult flick, This Is Spinal Tap

Milkmania streaked like a comet across the cosmos in the early 80s after the band shocked Colorado by winning the 1981 KBCO Songwriting Contest with "Lolita," a bouncy 3-verse condensation of the sensational Nabokov novel. Classics like their theme song, "Late Night Delivery," "Charlotte Russe," and "Peacock" soon followed. "Love Won't Listen" was featured in the soundtrack of the cinematic classic, Revenge Of The Nerds, Pt. II. After a long absence, the Men of Milk again flashed their song crafting skills on 2000's Dairy Aire

A handful of sparsely-attended acoustic Cafe Au Lait acoustic performances by Kohn and Solomon in support of Dairy Aire appeared to be their death knell. 

Ever since, a recurring question about The Milkmen has kept coming up: were they or were they not one of the most substantial undiscovered bands of all time? While no one could deny they've had their share of magical studio moments, it could also be said that an overall body of evidence was lacking to support such a claim. 

Or it was before the suddenly reconstituted men of milk dropped Songlab, a 2017 double-CD 3 years in the making. It's a little startling to think that the original trio has replenished its vaunted "silo of hits" after such a long layoff– and even more so when you stop to consider they've somehow managed to put out their best work after being officially rubber-stamped "senior citizens." 

That's not really possible. Or is it? 

Defying all odds, the dashing dairymen have refused to be put out to pasture. At a time in their lives when most other creative forces have grown increasingly lethargic and less ambitious, they've just churned out 24 epic productions securing their place alongside the Big Stars of the world as one of the most entertaining bands most people have never heard of. 

How did that come about, exactly? 

Well, if you happen to have 40 years of tunesmithing and studio experience, and you have somehow maintained your mental and physical capacities not to mention your creative viability, well, that's a tremendous advantage. Self-hypnosis to maintain mental acuity even though the years are passing as you struggle to find time and funds to record the dream CD you've visualized for over a decade is vital. Throw in the motivation to do what no one else believes you could ever do ... and that's how the impossible becomes the possible. 

Thousands of hours later, the possible has alchemized into Songlab.